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Wastewater Reduction & Dragout Recovery

The EVAPORATIVE TANK™ is the ideal solution for wastewater reduction. It is free of complicated machinery and chemistry and was originally developed as a cost-saving means of recovering valuable dragout but is now the go-to solution for many wastewater reduction projects. Our plating customers have doubled their benefits by using the EVAPORATIVE TANK™ for E.P.A. compliance and discovering dramatic savings in their waste treatment costs. The EVAPORATIVE TANK™ has also found new uses in the anodizing, painting, photographic, machining, chemical and other fields. This proven, simple and inexpensive system of recovery and reduction can pay for itself in as little as 30 days.

Simple and cost effective way to recover/concentrate valuable solution from rinse waters, or to minimize waste water haul off volume and lower costs:
"Why pay to HAUL WATER?"
Recover the distilled water in the Evaporator Exhaust air stream. 
This will eliminate the need for make-up air, and air exhaust perming.
User friendly system
complete with heated feed tank, pump, temperature
and level control
Just add water.

Articles of Interest:

Applications and uses: Waste Water Treatment, Industrial Evaporation, Chemical Evaporation, Oily Water Evaporation, Plating, and Aggresive Solutions.


About the Evaporative Tank