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Sludge Dryers

The cake from a filter press can be reduced by as much as 4:1 by utilizing a sludge dryer.

Sludge Dryers manufactured by Met-Chem are designed for small, medium and large quantity sludge generators. These units can fit under the filter press for direct loading or can be located elsewhere in the plant. The sludge is dried by the heated liner of our unit while it is broken-up and circulated by our spiral blade system. The dryer liner uses indirect heat sources from either steam, electric strips or gas fire. Our preheated airflow system draws the moisture off the top of the internal dryer and out through our wet scrubber system. After 4-6 hours of drying time the reduced sludge is removed by simply opening our discharge panel underneath our units for gravity discharge into a container. A conveyor auger is available as an option to remove the sludge upward if the disposal container is elevated above the dryer.

Sludge Dryers