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The ET-III-W is designed specifically to evaporate water from solutions with a high solids content. The outer shell of the "W" is identical to the ET-III; the evaporation mechanism has changed to eliminate any small, entrapping passages. Up AND down-draft spraying at very high flow rates produces high evaporation at moderate temperatures.

Those looking for the greatest evaporation rates at a given temperature will choose the ET-III-W for its high efficiency for any application. Another use "made-to-order" for the ET-III-W is the dewatering of decorative and hard chrome plating solutions. The ET-III-W can be used directly on the plating tank to remove rinse spray water and fume scrubber water.

Dewatering of waste solutions (cutting oils, printing ink & paint washwater, spent chemical solutions, photo waste) save the users of ET-III-W evaporators thousands of dollars in disposal costs. Where the need is for only 3 to 4 gallons of evaporation per hour, no added heat is required. Heat for evaporation is taken from the room air that is forced through the evaporator.

ET-III-W. shown mounted on
gas-heated tank.